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United Coatings Roof Mate HT Installed On Dunn-Edwards 336,000 Square Foot LEED Gold Facility

Dunn Edwards Manufacturing PlantDAS Products, Inc. supplied United Coatings Roof Mate HT (High Tensile) LEED compliant roof coating to Sprayfoam Southwest, Inc. for installation on Dunn-Edwards 336,000 square foot LEED Gold plant. United Coatings issued a 15 Year NDL Warranty on the roof coating restoration of the existing plants BUR roof system.

Roof Mate HT has been performing leak free on industrial roofs since 1995. It also provides double the physical properties of typical acrylic roof coatings.

For a current Roof Mate HT technical data sheet, please visit United Coatings web site. See for yourself the benefits that Roof Mate HT can provide to your next LEED project by contacting DAS Products, Inc. for a current copy of United Coatings LEED Certificate of Analysis on Roof Mate HT.

DAS Products, Inc. is United Coatings #1 worldwide distributor of roof coatings.

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